Completely Solid State 64-bit Dual-Core Media Center PC

This is a project that I've been plotting for quite some time now, and I'm finally about the have a go! The idea is simple, I want to build a media center PC, but with some perhaps-slightly-unusual requirements - purely to suit my own preferences.

Ok, so how am I going to do it? Well, obviously challenge is going to be the fanless bit. To achieve fanless PC operation, we need to do two things: 1. minimise the heat produced by the PC, and 2. maximise the natural air flow through the PC.

Minimising the heat production mostly comes down to parts choice, so here's the parts I've chosen so far:

So, where am I up to? Well, I have all of the parts now, except for the external 12v brick... it actually turns out to be reasonably hard to get one above 70 watts or so, but I've found one, and it's on it's way :)

Update: You can now read about part 1 of the build in this post :)

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