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· 10 min read
Media PC

As a mentioned back in this post, I am building a completely solid-state, dual-core, 64-bit media PC. I won't go into any of th "planning" details here (refer back to the original post for that). However, this post will show some of the progress so far (using lots of pics), and give some idea of the project's feasibility :)

So, without any further distraction, let's bring on the pictures!! :)

First up, we have the case... it's a Thermaltake Lanbox HT, and I must say, I am quite impressed with the build quality of this case! :)

· One min read

This is just couple of quick pics to give you an idea of what will be coming sometime in the next few weeks ;)

Chipset heatsinks Chipset heatsinks

At this stage, it looks like completely-passive-cooling a 35W Athlon with an Orochi is entirely possible. However, the 790GX northbridge may be a bit of a problem...

... to be continued ;)


You can now read about part 1 of the build in this post :)