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· 10 min read
Amazon SQS queue icon

While considering using Amazon SQS for a project recently, I was surprised at just how little SQS performance data was available on the Internet. In particular, while there's a bit of information available regarding throughput, there is very little information I can find regarding message latency.

Indeed, as long as SQS can scale horizontally, throughput is really not very important at all (within reason of course). But latency cannot usually be improved by scaling, so if latency is too high to be acceptable for any given project, then scaling is unlikely to ever change that.

As latency is so important for the project I had in mind, I decided to throw together a very small set of simple SQS benchmarking scripts to get an idea of what sort of latency (and throughput) we can expect from SQS.

· 2 min read
PDF Alchemy logo

PDF Alchemy is an interesting new service that I've helped to build. It's a PDF conversion service aimed at developers - that is, it's entirely API based, and not intended for end users. But what makes PDF Alchemy interesting to me, is the way it uses a number of Amazon's cloud services.

To start with, the PDF conversion servers themselves run on Amazon EC2. EC2 is an excellent match here, since it allows PDF Alchemy to easily, and rapidly, scale to handle almost any possible volume, but also to then scale back again during off-peak periods.

· 2 min read

When creating HTTP web forms to allow browser-based uploads to an S3 bucket, you need to create and sign upload policies. Now if that statement lost you, then you should read over either of the following introductions to browser-based uploads to S3:

· One min read

As mentioned back in this post, I helped to build Job Bounty Hunter. So, I was quite pleased to see one of my own architecture diagrams appear on this Amazon Web Services blog post.

So, since that particular diagram is now publicly available, I might as well present it here - I did create it, after all ;)

JBH Architecture

As you can see, we use a number of Amazon Web Services - including EC2, S3, and CloudFront.

I quite like the overall architecture - some might think it is a little bit of overkill, and indeed it is at the moment, but my boss and I both believe strongly in architecting applications for scalability from day one :)