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· 3 min read
Exchange 2010 logo

Now, there are no official binary PIAs for Exchange Server 2000 / 2003. However, Microsoft does provide such PIAs in "source" form (not really source code as such... but we'll get to that) that you can download and compile yourself. There is an MSDN article that explains how to use the Exchange Server PIA wrappers, however I strongly recommend you download the code and read the included "Writing Managed Sinks for SMTP and Transport Events.doc" file instead - it is far more up to date than the MSDN article in areas that are quite significant (such as the actual build process).

· 7 min read
PMDA++ logo

Now, the back of the Family Pack box says:

  • This version of Windows 7 is designed as an upgrade for Windows Vista®. If you are upgrading from Windows® XP, you will need to back up your files and settings and perform a clean install and then re-install your existing files, settings, and programs.

    Visit for important information.

Which is completely fine with me, because I always do a fresh install anyway, for performance reasons. So, with all my important data backed up, I formated the disk and proceeded to install.

The initial stages of the installation were pleasantly slick - feeling much more refined than good old XP, but the pleasantries were put on hold when it came time to enter my product key, which was consistently rejected! :(

· 4 min read

Most people who know me will be somewhat surprised by the title of this post... but it's true. I do, indeed, enjoy the current iPhone craze - simply because I think some good is likely come of it :)

Specifically, there's two main positive things that I think may come from the current iPhone craze:

A shake-up of current mobile phone manufacturers

Until recently, I had just spent six years working in the mobile services division of the Telstra Research Labs, and I've gotta say, I'm not really impressed with the current state of mobile phone products. Frankly, they suck. They should be a lot smaller, faster, and easier to use. And yet, the likes of Nokia and SonyEricsson keep making phones bigger, slower, and more powerful - aka more complicated and buggy. Of course, there are exceptions - some of Nokia'a Series 40 phones, for example, are excellent. But the general push among manufacturers and retailers, is towards bigger, "smarter" (yet dumber) handsets. I can only assume that this push is largely driven by the telcos, who want, more than anything else, to see mobile data traffic sky-rocket.