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35 watt dual-core Athlon 64

· One min read

I'm very excited about having just won an ADD3800IAA5CU processor on eBay for just AUD$42. So what's so special about this processor? Well, put simply, its the only 35 watt dual-core 64-bit processor ever made (yet) for standard desktop motherboard sockets (AM2 in this case).

Sure, you can can some processors with lower power ratings, such as certain Turion and Core 2 Mobile models, but they require special (and very expensive) motherboards with specific CPU sockets (Socket S1 and Socket M/P respectively).

Also, there are a couple of other 35 watt processors available for standard desktop motherboards, but none of those are dual-core (yet). The next best processor would be an Athlon 4850E at 45 watts - which is pretty damn good too! :)

So, why am I so excited about a 35 watt processor? Well, quite simply, the lower power rating will greatly assist my idealistic goal of creating a completely fanless (indeed completely solid-state except for the DVD drive) media director for LinuxMCE... but that's another topic entirely ;)