Browser Wars: Attack of the Chrome(s)

Google Chrome LogoSo, finally we get to see the innovations of Google implemented in browser form. For those not "in the know", Google Chrome is a new browser recently "accidentally" announced by Google via this comic.

One thing I've been excited to try out is the new tabs system. I remember, back when I first got IE7, that I had a gripe with the tabs. I thought, "The tabs should be on top, so they don't get in my way." (Among other things).

After I read the comic, I liked what I was reading. Far more powerful than I had dreamed up.
Anyway, I'm using Chrome as I type and I really like it. I've played with the key features, and they work really well. I'm looking forward to seeing just how powerful the V8 JavaScript engine is, and how it will be used by the innovators.

Anyway, back on topic:
Many have speculated that Google is bringing the fight to Microsoft. We all know that Microsoft is putting a lot of money into the search department. And despite what many have said, I feel MS are starting to make an impact.
Well, if this is Google bringing the fight to Microsoft, it's a good start and I welcome it. This only serves to bring the platform of the internet to exciting, more powerful levels.

I've read some articles worrying about the implications of the license agreement, and the use of user activity information.
My take on this is based on what I've seen in Google's strategies in the past. Google hasn't made life more difficult for me with G Mail, they've made it easier. Google's also made my life easier with search, and finally they are seeing some serious competition.
Yes, Google is a big evil corporation. I won't deny that. But their evil money grabbing ways don't come at an inconvenience to me. In fact, Google's products don't cost me a cent, they save me time, and make my life a little easier.
What I can tell from Chrome, it's another typical Google product. I'm sure there will be teething issues.
I like the multi process ethos. I like the faster JavaScript engine. I'm not too sure about the "new tab" page... But, I never said Google couldn't put a foot wrong.

So, I'm happy with Chrome. I'll give it a couple of weeks and see how it goes. But it looks like Chrome could be here to stay (for me anyway).

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