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Job Bounty Hunter

· 3 min read
JBH chart

Job Bounty Hunter (or JBH, as I like to call it) is a job recruitment advertising service with a twist - it's kind of a blend between traditional job advertisement boards such as, and a distributed embedded advertising services such as Google AdSense. But while embedded advertising services work by clocking up lots of little micro-payments for general exposure and click-throughs, JBH advertisements each offer cash bounties of hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to be paid out to the site that a successful applicant clicked through.

Of course, whether the traditional model or the JBH model works best, depends primarily on the nature of the host's visitors. While the traditional model is all about volume, and sheer quantity, where each "impression" can make a fraction of a cent, the JBH model is more about quality - where a single referral can make hundreds of dollars. Naturally, some sites' audiences would respond better to one or the other... and of course, there's nothing to stop a site from hosting both types of advertisements simultaneously (or at least JBH does not apply any such restriction).


As Job Bounty Hunter is currently under review, and not publicly available at the moment, all widgets referenced in this post have been replaced with static text / images for now.

Anyway, here's an example of an embedded job advertisement widget from JBH... this one simply shows a single random job advertisement from the Information Technology category:

To get the above job advertisement widget, I simply created a Drupal block, and added the following content to it:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
jbh_widget_type = 'rndJobAd';
jbh_widget_indId = 583;
jbh_widget_bhId = 21;
<script type="text/javascript"

Of course, you have to set Drupal's "Input Format" for the given block to "PHP Code", in order for the JavaScripts to not be filtered out.

Here are a couple of other interesting widgets - the first one shows a small chart of the total bounty available on the JBH site over the past 30 days:

JBH chart

And the next one simply embeds the total bounty currently available as a single text string. So, for example, I can embed it into a sentence like:

"Currently, there is a total of $16,300 in bounty on offer at"

Note, only the actual "$nnnn" part of that statement was the result of the embedded widget. For example, I could say "JBH bounty now: $16,300" - I just embedded the total bounty widget again ;)

Anyway, you can see embed code for those last two widgets (in fact all of the JBH widget types) on the Job Bounty Hunter - grab widgets page. Or you can simply go to the Job Bounty Hunter home page and have a look around. In particular, you may find the the first official JBH blog post to be an interesting read... I did :)

Since I helped to build Job Bounty Hunter, I hope it will be a great success, and that we'll all be hearing a lot more about it in the coming days, months, etc! :)