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LinuxMCE 0704 Demo Video

· 2 min read

Lately I've been starting to feel the deficiencies of my old TViX M3000U media player... particularly its narrow folder-based navigation model. So, I've been looking around at some possible Linux-based replacements. The obvious ones being:

There are, of course, many other "media center" projects out there, but I want one with a focus on movie media, rather than TV (ie a media player, as opposed to a PVR).

Anyway, of the three listed above, the last two are quite simple - ie clean, and attractive. Whereas LinuxMCE (the first one I came accross) seems quite heavy, and complicated. So, to be honest, I was going to skip straight ahead and play with Entertainer and/or My Media System without bothering with LinuxMCE... but then I saw the following video...

Well, after watching that, how can you not want to setup a full LinuxMCE system? I mean, even if you set one up, play for a while, and then discard it again - no big deal (well, as long as you have plenty of "spare" hardware laying around). Sounds like fun to me, and so I think I will, in the coming days / weeks I'll set one up to play with :)