My Adobe Flex T-Shirt

A couple of weeks ago (well actually, back in September), I received an interesting email from Lyora MacRae of Adobe.  To quote the email:

"Thanks so much for reporting 3 or more bugs for Flex SDK. As a thanks for your hard work, we want to send you a free t-shirt we're designing with all the developers' names on it. Therefore, we need your shirt size and mailing address to include you!"

"Well," I thought, "that's nice."  So, I sent in my details.

Now I though the "include you" part of the email was referring to including me in the list of people to receive one of the shirts.  But when the shirt arrived last Monday, I was excitedly pleased to realise that the "include you" was referring to including me in the actual list of names to go in the T-shirt itself! Laughing

Here's a couple of pics of the shirt:

My Flex Shirt - frontMy Flex Shirt - back

And here's a link the official design with all of the names on it... see if you can spot mine... Cool

Adobe Flex T-Shirt Fx design


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