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· 4 min read

Having recently ported this site to Docusaurus, I though it would be interesting (to me, at least) to document some of the history of this site's transitions over the past 17 years!! 😯 So let's go...

Blogger(.com) (2006 ~ 2008)

Starting in 2006, this site began as a very simple Blogger page, called PC Thoughts. "PC", of course, being my initials (Paul Colby).

Original PC Thoughts header

Ixnay on the oggerBlay

· One min read

I've just finished importing all of the blog entries from my old Blogger site... turned out to be quite easy. It was great to see that Drupal allows posts to be back-dated... oh, and it also helped that I only had seven entries on the old blog ;)

So, my old Blogger blog is no more :)