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· 4 min read

Having recently ported this site to Docusaurus, I though it would be interesting (to me, at least) to document some of the history of this site's transitions over the past 17 years!! 😯 So let's go...

Blogger(.com) (2006 ~ 2008)

Starting in 2006, this site began as a very simple Blogger page, called PC Thoughts. "PC", of course, being my initials (Paul Colby).

Original PC Thoughts header

· 2 min read
Drupal site logo

I've thought about creating my own Drupal theme for this site for sometime now, but haven't really found the time and motivation to get started. That is, until my friend Mike recently radically altered his blog by creating his own Drupal theme. Well, that inspired me to finally have a go at replacing this site's much-loved default "Garland" theme.

Well, after some initial head-scratching, I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how easy it can be to theme Drupal sites! My new theme, for example, is done entirely with three CSS files, and two images.

· 3 min read
JBH chart

Job Bounty Hunter (or JBH, as I like to call it) is a job recruitment advertising service with a twist - it's kind of a blend between traditional job advertisement boards such as, and a distributed embedded advertising services such as Google AdSense. But while embedded advertising services work by clocking up lots of little micro-payments for general exposure and click-throughs, JBH advertisements each offer cash bounties of hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to be paid out to the site that a successful applicant clicked through.

· 2 min read

A couple of days ago, I was setting up the TinyMCE Drupal module on a friend's blog, and the blogger wanted quite a lot of the TinyMCE buttons enabled (who doesn't?). But the problem was that the TinyMCE Drupal module only supports up to 3 lines of buttons (while the TincyMCE editor itself has no such limitation), which meant that the last line of buttons was unnecessarily long, and caused all sorts of layout issues.

· One min read

I've just finished importing all of the blog entries from my old Blogger site... turned out to be quite easy. It was great to see that Drupal allows posts to be back-dated... oh, and it also helped that I only had seven entries on the old blog ;)

So, my old Blogger blog is no more :)