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Building Boost on Windows

· 3 min read
Boost Logo

From time to time I find myself building Boost on Windows. There's a number of small things that need to be done to make that happen. Having had to "rediscover" the build process each time, I recently decided to create a small Windows command script to automate most of the process.

As I find the build script extremely useful, I figured it would be worth posting it here to inspire others in similar circumstances.

Converting HRM Files to TCX

· 5 min read
Polar WebSync logo

I recently posted an AWK script for combining GPX and HRM files into TCX format. This script is really handy when you have GPX files with or without matching HRM files, but what if you have HRM files without GPX files?

It did not immediately occur to me that there'd be any value in converting lone HRM files to TCX, since I think of TCX as being geographic location focused (which is not strictly true). However, prompted by Conrad, it became apparent that I could indeed convert HRM files (without GPX files) to TCX, and indeed, I already had 30 or so such HRM files that I'd been entering into Strava manually (stationary trainer sessions, and weights workouts).

Exchange 2000 / 2003 PIA Patches for Windows SDK 7.0 and 7.1

· 3 min read
Exchange 2010 logo

Now, there are no official binary PIAs for Exchange Server 2000 / 2003. However, Microsoft does provide such PIAs in "source" form (not really source code as such... but we'll get to that) that you can download and compile yourself. There is an MSDN article that explains how to use the Exchange Server PIA wrappers, however I strongly recommend you download the code and read the included "Writing Managed Sinks for SMTP and Transport Events.doc" file instead - it is far more up to date than the MSDN article in areas that are quite significant (such as the actual build process).

The Windows 7 Upgrade that isn't

· 7 min read
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Now, the back of the Family Pack box says:

  • This version of Windows 7 is designed as an upgrade for Windows Vista®. If you are upgrading from Windows® XP, you will need to back up your files and settings and perform a clean install and then re-install your existing files, settings, and programs.

    Visit for important information.

Which is completely fine with me, because I always do a fresh install anyway, for performance reasons. So, with all my important data backed up, I formated the disk and proceeded to install.

The initial stages of the installation were pleasantly slick - feeling much more refined than good old XP, but the pleasantries were put on hold when it came time to enter my product key, which was consistently rejected! :(

Internet Explorer's window title

· One min read

Ok, so I found the registry key responsible for Telstra Bigpond's irritating re-branding of Internet Explorer's window title. This key:

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-682003330-789336058-839522115-1004\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Window Title

get set to:

"Telstra BigPond Home Internet Explorer"

So I just used the registry editor to change it back to "Microsoft Internet Explorer". Actually, I then experimented a little... I removed the value entirely, and in response, IE's title became "Windows Internet Explorer" - interesting.

Ah well, anyway, I've produced this really simple registry patch to fix the problem in case anyone else wants to get rid of Telstra's (or some other company's) annoying branding:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-682003330-789336058-839522115-1004\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
"Window Title"="Microsoft Internet Explorer"

Just save it as a .reg file, and "merge" it (the default when you double-click). Of course, you can change the title to anything you want. If you leave it blank, (ie "") it looks a little funny... the title will be (for example) "PC Thoughts -". So I've decided to set mine to "ie" - nice and simple ;)